ThermiVa Reviews

36 year old PWC patient

I considered ThermiVa for a very long time before making the decision to do it. I am an RN and work in obstetrics. I’ve also had three children and have frequently counseled my patients on the importance of postpartum pelvic health. Carrying pregnancies does a number on most of us. For me, I suffered from moderate stress incontinence that prevented me from doing any kind of jumping, running, or plyometrics. I basically avoided the gym because I couldn’t get through a workout without some leaking. It’s embarrassing to smell like urine or feel like you can’t sit on a weight bench because your pants might be wet from the jumping jacks you just did.  My incontinence kept me away from fitness after being a lifelong athlete. I did okay with laughing usually, but if I got a cold and coughed or sneezed it was embarrassing – I didn’t want surgery without trying everything. I went through several months of pelvic floor therapy with some improvements with stress incontinence, but not enough. Since I work in obstetrics, we are pretty open about these types of things and I’m glad I was.  I discussed my frustration with one of the docs that I work with and she suggested ThermiVa so I started investigating. She said it had been shown to help improve mild stress incontinence and I decided I wanted to give it a try. I searched providers in the KC Metro and found Purity Wellness Center. I liked the integrative philosophy of the office and thought it would be the right place for me. After a bit of procrastinating, I finally made an appointment and took the plunge (I scheduled the initial series of three treatments).

The procedure itself was painless and not awkward after the initial start. Angie does a great job making you feel comfortable. I sat in a recliner procedure chair with my feet up and mostly covered until she started. Even then, I was only exposed as much as was necessary – I seriously felt more awkward getting a bikini wax than I did doing this.  It took about thirty minutes for the treatment – but again, not painful… just some pressure and warmth. Angie checked on me throughout the process to make sure I was comfortable. There was no downtime either, I left feeling fine and resumed normal life immediately.

I noticed some improvements the same day of my first session, but by the end of my third treatment all of my stress incontinence was gone (except on trampolines). I can live without jumping on a trampoline if I can run, skip, jump and be active. I could workout again, run and sneeze when I get a cold and not feel embarrassed or have to change my underwear! Holy smokes this was amazing!!! The other perk I noticed was significant improvement in my sexual health and my husband noticed too. I felt I had relatively normal vaginal tone and a satisfactory intimate life before treatment. However, after my treatments I noticed considerable vaginal tightening. Not so much that it created discomfort, but enough to definitely enhance things for both my husband and I. Orgasms were easier and personal lubrication improved as well. This was not why I initially sought treatment but they are certainly an enjoyable improvement.   I think over time we forget how our vaginas used to be – it’s also a difficult topic to talk about for many of us so it becomes something we learn to live with. After treatment my vagina functioned and felt like it did before kids. I was not expecting so much improvement in bladder leakage or sexual function, the results exceeded my expectations by a long shot.  I just went back to Purity Wellness Center for my one-year annual treatment to maintain results.

Ladies and gentlemen, if any of this applies to you or your wife – don’t continue to suffer or be embarrassed. This treatment was worth every penny I paid and the people at PWC are awesome! They are professional, warm and very easy to work with. There is no reason to delay doing this any longer. I may still need surgery down the road as my body ages, but for now I can enjoy my youthful body without major surgery or the dangers of some of the other options. Even if I do need bladder surgery one day, I will continue treatment for the sexual benefits. It’s been truly wonderful to regain things I’d forgotten I ever had!

I know this is a hard topic, don’t be embarrassed – it’s no worse than a visit to the gynecologist office. Get it done – Go home – Get your intimate life back! No one will know except you and your partner unless you want to share your story and help other women. We as women deserve to have healthy sexual function without bladder leakage every time we giggle or feel like our vaginas lack the tone or tightness we once had. Having children shouldn’t take that from us permanently and neither should time – don’t let it! You have options now, go for it – you’ll be glad you did.

41 year old PWC patient

The ThermiVa exceeded my expectations! It was comfortable and I felt no discomfort at all. My medial technician was professional and made me feel at ease. The difference after the first treatment was incredible. I almost didn’t do a second because it was so good – but after the third, WOW! Everything was so much tighter, my dryness issues had resolved and my orgasms were better. Thank you PWC for taking such good care of me!

56 year old PWC patient

ThermiVa is fascinating and the results are instantaneous! I mean, if you wish to watch the whole procedure you will notice it immediately – which I did, I asked for a mirror. When the first side was complete I asked the aestheticians, “Am I imagining this? The side you just finished looks entirely different than the untreated side.” They assured me that was the effect of the procedure. I didn’t take before and after pictures – but I would highly advise – because once the procedure is complete it’s hard to remember the ‘before’.

I’ve only completed one treatment, and already I have more than an upgrade.  It’s like a reconditioned model that I drove as a kid. My passenger mentioned the seats are a little slicker and he can slide in and out much easier than before. I asked him if he felt like he was in a compact car all tight and squished in, but not like in a bad way – He said yeah – and then I took him around a corner to the right, and then quickly zipped to left. I revved up speed and took several bends and twists for an amazing ride. When he got out something hit me – “Hey,” I (almost) yelled – “we never made a lube stop!” He smiled, booked a second test drive and the results were the same. No pit stop for lubing the chassis. Or if there was, I didn’t notice it, too busy driving my reconditioned model.

Would I recommend ThermiVa at Purity? Yes, the aestheticians are sweet, gentle, and very informative. Because they are women they have the same body parts as you and know how to navigate their way around to give you an amazing upgrade, reconditioned, overhauled piece of anatomy.