Supplements. Why take them?

By September 12, 2017 No Comments

As most you know I recommend vitamins and supplements. First we discuss your symptoms and analyze your blood work, then we come up with a plan that corrects specific deficiencies.

Before taking supplements you should be able to answer specifically “why” you are taking each one.

My regimen changes often depending on the time of year, my athletic training plans and most importantly, how I feel. I currently take twenty two different vitamins and supplements daily, each for a very specific reason.

The three main reasons to participate in these various remedies are: (1) to correct an identified deficiency (2) to up-regulate a cell to perform at a more optimal level, such as a cell’s response to TA-65MD, lengthening telomeres (3) or to produce a pharmacological or “drug-like” effect on the cellular process, meaning that a cell may not “need” this supplement but by adding it to the cellular process it will get the cell to do certain things, such as caffeine altering muscle function and fat metabolism.

Being able to answer “why” you are taking those expensive tablets, capsules and oils is key. Below you will find a list of my current supplements and why I’m taking each and every one of them. This list may not pertain to you but a few may address things that are important to how you feel and perform, either mentally, physically or emotionally. Most of these specialty supplements we carry in the office, simply to make sure I’m taking high quality pharmaceutical grade compounds and not wasting my money on fillers, binders and elements not listed on the label. Do they work? We have but one life to live and I plan to spend every one of those days as healthy and productive as possible!

In good health,

Dr Scott & the PWC Team!