Professional Pharmaceutical Skin Care

The importance of a good home care regimen cannot be overstated. As a consumer and before you make any investment, you should understand why it’s important to purchase quality products sold and researched by professionals who are not only familiar with the ingredients, but can prescribe a successful, safe and healthy treatment plan for your skin type.

At Purity Wellness Center we recommend a pharmaceutical skin care regimen chosen by our skin care professionals and approved by Dr. Scott Willson. We offer select Vivier, SkinMedica, Hyalogy and PCA SKIN care products. Our licensed medical aestheticians will consult with you to address your concerns and prescribe a customized treatment plan that will ensure optimal results.

What is the difference between OTC (over the counter) products, multi-level marketing (MLM) skin care lines and professional products?

Professional pharmaceutical products

⦁ Made in small batches to deliver results
⦁ High levels of active ingredients to address specific skin types and conditions
⦁ No added synthetic dyes, colors or fragrances which lessens your chances of sensitivity
⦁ Products are made to penetrate the skin by treating conditions and changing the physiology of the skin which will increase collagen and elastin production
⦁ High quality ingredients formulated by cosmetic chemists and sold by skin care professionals with a true understanding of the skin and its function

OTC (over the counter) and MLM (multi-level marketing) products

⦁ Made in large batches for the masses
⦁ Low percentage of active ingredients to address broad skin types
⦁ Synthetic dyes, colors and fragrances are added to heighten sensory experience
⦁ Products are made to cover the surface of skin and make the skin feel smooth which in turn could cause sensitivities, thinning of the skin and broken capillaries
⦁ OTC products are notoriously loaded with inexpensive oils and petroleum


Medical Grade Vitamins/ Supplements

In your journey to be healthy and happy, nutritional supplements can go a long way towards keeping your body looking and feeling young and energetic. After all, no matter how healthy the diet, it’s difficult to ensure your body gets the proper fuel it needs without supplementation. Through extensive research by our medical team, Purity Wellness Center has carefully selected medical grade vitamins and supplements with the highest potency and purity available to deliver maximum absorption by the body. You can feel safe knowing the supplements we choose will represent the best in quality and safety available in the marketplace.

When it comes to looking and feeling your best, we believe in the importance of taking care of your body inside and out. Whether your primary concerns are age related or healthy living, the right assistance can take you a long way. Therefore, in addition to our pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements, Purity Wellness Center offers a full range of Medical Spa procedures to help you age as gracefully as you choose.  

If you’re ready for a comprehensive, safe and healthy approach to nutritional supplementation or to address age related concerns, please call or email our office to schedule a consultation.