Medical Facials

What makes medical facials different from spa facials is that the latter doesn’t require any pre-determined conditions before the procedure. With medical facials, your licensed aesthetician will first analyze your skin then customize a treatment plan. Based on your needs and for an enhanced effect, your plan may include a combination of chemical peels, dermaplaning, extractions, acne facials, light based treatments, DermaSweep and/or other available PWC services. The customized treatment plan can help you correct skin problems such as rosacea, dry skin, sun-damaged skin, enlarged pores, pigmentation problems, poor skin laxity and acne breakouts. In most cases, it takes a series of medical facials to safely and effectively to treat these problems. In addition to Medical Facials, at Purity Wellness Center we recommend a pharmaceutical skin care regimen chosen by our skin care professionals and approved by Dr. Scott Willson for optimal results.

Refresh Medical Facial

The Refresh Medical Facial includes one of the following
treatments: DermaPlaneDermaSweepMid-Level Peel

Pure Radiance Medical Facial

This is a customized medical grade treatment using a combination of our assorted facial services created to meet your individual needs and achieve maximum results. While this facial includes more steps than our Refresh Medical Facial, it will be uniquely focused to meet your skins needs at the time of treatment.  Based on those needs, your provider may choose a more results driven outcome or prefer a simple exfoliation treatment targeting your skins need for hydration, nourishment and brightening with one of our essential infusions. You can expect refreshed, glowing skin after this treatment

Full Rejuvenation

This medical grade treatment combines aspects of both the Pure Radiance and Full Rejuvenation facial.  With this unique and customized service, your medical professional will create a treatment to address not only the needs of your face, but your neck and chest as well!  As skin types vary, so do the needs of each client and the PWC Med Spa team is experienced in creating a unique service to address dry skin, fine lines, rosacea, acne, tone and pigmentation concerns which when addressed will leave you with glowing, well-balanced skin!

Chemical Peels

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