Environmental Toxins

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Environmental toxins. They’re everywhere. In our food and water, dishes, clothes, even our medications. It is said that we are exposed to 125 more toxins each day than our grandparents were exposed to in their lifetime. We can’t completely eliminate them from our lives, but what we can do is educate ourselves and take preventative measures to decrease our exposure, in turn increasing our chances of living a longer, healthier, more productive life. I could go on for hours about the different exposures throughout various categories of toxins but for the sake of time, and hopefully keeping you all interested, I will mention a few that may surprise you, I know I was surprised.

Here’s a list of the the top 10 worst foods according to many of the leading anti-aging physicians.

Food containing GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms)
Processed Meats (Deli Meats)
Microwave Popcorn (Research Popcorn Lung)
Soda (Main Cause of Obesity in the US)
“Diet” Foods and Beverages (Toxic to the Human Body)
Refined “White” Flour (Avoid “White” Foods)
Refined Sugar
Conventional “Non-Organic” Fruits (Tainted with Pesticides)
Farmed Salmon
Hydrogenated Oils

Surprised by any of these? Salmon making the list really got my attention. And how many of us think we are making a great choice with a turkey sandwich? Processed meats were actually labeled by the World Health Organization as cancer causing foods. If any of the above foods are on your list, take some time and research why, it may save your life.

Other common environmental toxins include:

Heavy Metals
PCB’s (Polychlorinated Biphenyls)
VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds)
Smart Meters
Cigarettes (Second Hand & Third Hand Smoke)
Excessive Alcohol Use (Liver Toxicity)

As you can see this topic is immense and each substance can be it’s own lecture. Spend some time looking into your personal exposure and how how each toxin may affect your health and well being. Identifying the exposure, removing or avoiding contact and “detoxifying” the body will lead to a happier, healthier YOU!

In good health,

Dr Scott & the PWC Team!