Botox / Dysport

Wrinkles and fine lines are bound to appear eventually, even if you carefully avoid the sun and care for your skin. Crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles begin to develop as collagen naturally reduces with age. While it is natural for wrinkles, lines and creases to appear with the passing years, your self-esteem and confidence can suffer. The good news is that your skin and face can be restored and rejuvenated, bringing back the fresher, plump and smoother appearance associated with youth. At Purity Wellness Center, our BOTOX and Dysport injections can help to resolve fine lines and wrinkles.

How long does the BOTOX or Dysport procedure take?

Typically, a BOTOX or Dysport appointment requires only 15-20 minutes, although we schedule the appointments for 30 minutes to answer any questions that may arise. Our Medical professional injects the product to prevent facial muscle movement causing a smoother, renewed and fresh outlook on faces for extended durations. Although BOTOX and Dysport are temporary solutions, our staff takes all necessary steps to give you the most natural outcome possible. The appointment ends with absolutely minimal discomfort and patients can return to work immediately after.

How long does the BOTOX or Dysport treatment last?

First results appear 5 to 7 days after the initial injection with final results expected by 14 days post-injection. The effects of the injection typically last 90 to 120 days, therefore repeated injections are needed to preserve the achieved effects.

How much does BOTOX or Dysport cost?

The cost of BOTOX and Dysport varies by each individual patient and by the amount of product needed to achieve the best results. Although some offices price by “area”, we believe in customizing each patient’s treatment and we price our BOTOX and Dysport by the unit based on the amount used.

What areas of the face can be treated with BOTOX or Dysport?

The most common treatment areas are glabella or “frown lines”, forehead lines and lines around the eyes or “crow’s feet”. Although the aforementioned treatment areas are the most common, BOTOX and Dysport are versatile drugs that can be used to effectively treat many areas of concern.

Are you a good candidate for BOTOX or Dysport?

Both BOTOX and Dysport can be used on any patient. However, to decide which anti-aging treatment is best for a particular patient, it is necessary to meet with one of our Medical professionals for a free consultation to discuss all possible methods of skin rejuvenation and treatment.

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