Alma Harmony
XL Erbium Pixel

Rejuvenating your skin has never been more convenient than with Alma’s FDA approved Pixel Skin Resurfacing Laser offered at Purity Wellness Center. Laser Facial Resurfacing uses a laser to create an ablative thermal channel or micro-injury that stimulates healing, collagen remodeling and restoration of the skin without disturbing the surrounding tissue. Those micro-injured areas start the process of healing and the untreated area acts as a reservoir for rapid restoration.

Alma Harmony XL Erbium Pixel Resurfacing benefits

  • Treatment of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improved skin texture, firmness and elasticity
  • Reduction of scar tissue and scar visibility
  • Overall reduction in pore size and superficial pigmentation
  • Reduction of melasma, sun damage and other skin irregularities
  • Collagen production

What are the benefits of using Pixel Skin Resurfacing?

Pixel Skin Resurfacing can be a stand-alone treatment. The procedure will gradually stimulate new cells to replace aged and photo-aged skin with little downtime. As collagen remodels, a fresher, more youthful appearance develops.

Is there any downtime after Treatment?

No, but there will be some type of redness on the treated area. People prefer to have the treatment done on a Friday or Saturday to give the redness time to subside before going back to work.

Are you a good candidate for Pixel Skin Resurfacing?

To decide which anti-aging treatment is best for a particular patient, it is necessary to meet with one of our Medical professionals for a free consultation to discuss all possible methods of skin rejuvenation and treatment.

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